Free internet tips and tricks that can give you unlimited data every day and can be done by just a simple hack.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can get free internet on a daily basis.

This doesn’t matter which country you are from or which network you use, this tutorial is for everyone.

Despite your network restrictions, this tutorial will show you how you can bypass your ISP restrictions.

We believe that everyone is capable of getting free and unlimited internet data despite the country.

Most people in many different countries like free internet however this is not for all countries.

Probably because in some countries internet service is very expensive and in some countries, it is not expensive at all.

Probably in the countries with internet services that are expensive people will find out ways to get free internet.

Free internet can be obtained in many different ways and can be used by anyone.

You just have to know the tricks that can work in your country in order to get free internet access.

Free Internet

Free internet is for free and this means you can access the internet without purchasing or buying some data credit.

You can also take a look at the best stark VPN config file download for free data on a daily basis.

Almost all internet service providers allow users to have some data credit bundles in order to access the internet.

But the problem is, in some countries, internet services are much more expensive compared to some countries.

This can force people to find out how to get free internet without paying those expensive charges.

Also, it is possible however, it is very hard in some cases depending on how secure your ISP firewall is.

When working with some internet service providers it is very easy however not all of them.

So there is a website that can help you to get free internet settings despite the country you are from.

We are going to talk about that website in this post just keep up with me.

Free Internet Hack

Free internet hack is the process of getting internet access without permission from the ISP.

This process is illegal in some countries but not in all, in some countries it is legal.

Sometimes it depends on how you are getting or utilizing the free internet hack.

Because when we look at the word hack we’ll see that it is a process of obtaining some data or information without permission.
So by default, hacking is not allowed, it is totally illegal since it is considered as stealing of information.

But for the purposes of getting free internet, we should consider the word hacking.

Because we will be bypassing our internet service provider’s firewall restrictions.

There are some different tricks that can be used for free internet hacks and did they include, but are not limited to:

  • VPN for free internet
  • APN for free internet
  • Modifying HTTP headers
  • Using Zero rated websites

These awesome of the main tricks that people can use to bypass their ISP firewall.

However, that’s not all, they are so many different ways that can be used in order to get free internet access.

This is the main reason why I said everyone is capable of getting free internet despite their country.

Probably because the connection tricks for getting free internet are so many.

VPN For Free Internet

There are so many VPN applications that can give free internet they can work with or without settings.

Depending on the strength of your ISP’s file, the VPN can work with the help of settings or even without settings at all.

There are many different types of VPN apps that people can use to obtain free internet.

We will list some of the best VPN apps that can give free internet without complications in setting them up.

APN For Free Internet

Access point name can also be used to get free internet access depending on how secure your ISP’s firewall is.

If your ISP’s file is not much secure you are likely to get free internet with the help of an APN.

Access point name is used to connect the user to the ISP gateway in order to get internet access when they have data credit.

The APN is there to provide a way for a user with a valid subscription or data plan.

Modifying HTTP headers

Modifying HTTP headers is also a great way to obtain free internet from a weak internet service provider firewall.

This can be done manually by changing the URL in a browser or can be done with the help of a VPN app.

It is not easy because you may need to know which website is accessible for free, and that one can give you access to the whole internet.

Using Zero Rated Websites

Zero-rated websites are websites that users can access even without a data credit bundle.

For example, zero-rated websites are just the same as customer service numbers that can be called without being billed.

These ones can be used to get free internet with the help of a VPN that can support custom SNI injection.

Free Internet Data For Android

All the options that we’ve been explaining are better on the Android platform.

However, the APN method can be used on any operating system while VPN methods are limited on some operating systems.

Free internet data for Android devices is much easier as compared to some operating systems.

And this doesn’t mean that people without Android devices cannot use free internet data.

This is only to clarify the chances of getting free data or Android compared to other platforms.

We have talked about a website that can help you get free internet settings despite the country you live in.

This website is called Laxsu Tech and it doesn’t charge anything for giving me the settings for your country.

You will be required to fill out a form explaining all the information about your internet service provider.

You will get a response from them in less than a day via email letting you know the free data settings for your ISP.

How To Get Free Internet

It is very easy to get free internet, you just need to know the weakness of your internet service provider.

If you’re not sure about the weakness of your ISP you can try some of the best VPN applications that can provide free data.

There are lots of VPN apps that can give free internet access even without knowing the weakness of your ISP.

However, knowing the weakness of your ISP is much better because you can use APN to get free internet.

But if you don’t know it’s not a problem, you can still get free data on a daily basis with the help of TechThere.

Now I’m going to show you a list of VPN applications that can give you free internet access:

Unlimited Data

This is a list of VPN applications that does not limit you to getting free internet access.

This is probably because some VPN applications can give free internet however they will limit.

And also, some VPN apps have two versions that are free version which is limited, and a premium version which is unlimited.

These some of the best VPN apps that can give unlimited internet access however they are not all, there are some that are not listed here.

Limited/Require Premium

The VPN apps listed below are those that can limit your access to free internet.

This means these applications can offer free internet access however they will limit your data usage.

In order to enjoy unlimited usage, you will need to purchase a premium subscription.

  • DroidVPN (300MB)
  • Psiphon VPN
  • Windscribe (10 GB)
  • FinchVPN

The above list is of VPN applications that can give free internet however they limit data usage.

So this is how to get free internet with the help of a VPN and the settings for the above-listed VPN apps can be found right on this website.

You can search for any VPN listed above to get its settings of it and how you can connect.

Using VPN is the easiest way to get free internet and those above the apps with free data.

Free Data Bundles

Get free data bundles right now with the help of these VPN apps and this trick work for many countries as well as the networks.

However, this doesn’t mean that everyone can use this trick to get free data bundles, if this fails to work for you there are still more options in this post.

In order to get free data bundles, you may need to know at least 1 website that you can access without data bundles.

If you have no idea about that it’s not a problem you can still get connected to the internet for free.

You can use any of the below VPN apps to try out your network:

  • DroidVPN
  • Ha Tunnel Plus
  • Psiphon Pro
  • OpenVPN

These are the best VPN apps that you can try and they can give you free data if you manage to set them up correctly.

All these apps require a different setup because they don’t work the same way, the injection methods are completely different.

Check out the posts below to configure each and every VPN listed above.

Inbrowser VPN

Inbrowser VPN is also a great way to get free internet access and you don’t need to pay anything to your ISP or even to the inbrowser VPN software.

This one can be found either on Android smartphones or even on Windows computers and the processes are likely the same.

You don’t need to be a professional to set up these tricks on your personal device because they are so simple like installing an app or software.

There are some Google Chrome extensions that you can use for free browsing, however, it is not guaranteed that this trick can work for you.

If you are using a mobile phone you can install any of these 2 android apps, they are all available on Google play and they are also free to use.

  • Opera VPN
  • Tor browser

These are the options that you can go about, however, these options are not guaranteed since the above VPN services are not for providing free data.

These VPN apps are mainly for safe browsing, unblocking websites as well as changing your browsing location with ease.