Today I brought to you a list of new and updated WhatsApp group links for Zimbabweans of 2024.

I am going to give you a fresh list of mixed WhatsApp group links and they are only for Zimbabwean residents.

Zim WhatsApp group links 2023. I am going to show you at least how you can join these WhatsApp group links if you have never done it before or if you don’t know how you can join WhatsApp groups from the links provided on my website.

This section is only for those who are still new to WhatsApp and or to joining groups from links provided on this website.

Before you join please make sure that you scroll down to the bottom and there you will see the detailed instructions on how to join WhatsApp groups.

Without wasting time I’m going to give you a list of mixed groups but since I am not the owner of these WhatsApp groups please expect to see full groups, revoked links, or wrong group names.

This is common, starting with full groups. When I post group links here I don’t check whether the groups are full or not because it would be a waste of time.

So if you find out that the group link you have requested is full this means you have to look for the other one or submit a comment and I will help you.

Revoked links You are likely to see some links that are no longer working, as I said before, when I post these links I don’t even check if they are active or not.

Even if I post a link that is active the owner can revoke it anytime because I’m not the one who creates these links. Same as the wrong group name.

For example, you can see the group link here written “Business Adverts 5” and you open it right away but when you try to join you might see the group written “Jokes 24/7”.

Of course, it’s frustrating but what you have to do is to report it directly to me in the comments section and I will change the link.

This usually happens because the WhatsApp group owners can change their group names and links at any time.

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    16. Chakafukidza
    17. Vakadzi vanoda sviro
    18. Chakafukidza dzimba matenga
    19. Ama 2K